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Spring recitals

may 10th at 6pm
may 11th at 11am (ages 3-6)
may 11th at 3pm
may 12th at 5pm

Discover Your Passion,
Experience the Joy

Celebration Dance classes are inspired by many years of qualified experience, a whole hearted love for dance education and performance, and an unending commitment to it. We believe in providing an excellent standard of training for our students, in a caring and supportive environment.


We would LOVE to see that creative gift in your child polished and brought to its full potential. Weekly classes and private lessons are designed to do just that. Whether you're just after some fun and a creative outlet, or if you're serious about dance and would like to achieve brilliance, you'll find your needs are met here. Our goal is to nurture the art of dance in the hearts, minds, and bodies of each of our students, while promoting discipline, respect, and integrity. We want to enable each student to unlock and explore their greatest potential and to experience a true love of dance.



highest quality  -  safe  -  family friendly



Director: Kirsty Gungor

Kirsty began her formal dance training in South Africa through the Royal Academy of Dance (her mom was one of her ballet teachers) and continued her studies in the US after emigrating with her family at age 15. Kirsty maintained a classical ballet focus in her studies, but added contemporary, modern, and jazz to her repertoire, developing a great love for the heart and soul in dance expression. She has taught all levels of ballet, jazz, contemporary, and modern dance for over 29 years.


Kirsty also toured with a professional theatrical dance company for two and a half years both nationally and internationally in countries including China, Brazil, and Peru, as well as off-Broadway in New York City. The company's mission was to share the message of Jesus around the world through the beautiful art of dance. It was an experience that shaped her and ultimately guided her to Celebration Dance, a studio that seeks to train dancers to not only excel in their art but to give all the glory to God. In the midst of a busy season raising a young family, Kirsty started CD with just a few classes offered to her friend's little ones and 16 years later, we are now a studio with over 300 students and absolutely LOVE working with kids!


Summer Session starts June 10th!

Join us for Summer Classes!

8 Week Session


4-4:45         9-10 year                                  Ballet

4:45-5:30   9-10 year                                  Jazz

5:30-6:15    9-12 year                                  Contemp                  


6:15-7          11-13 year                                   Jazz                         


7-8               11-13 year                                      Ballet                                            (IIA/IIIA/IIIB)

8-8:30         Pre-Pointe and                             Foot Strengthening


4:45-5:45    IIIA/B  Jazz/Tribal

5:45-6:45    IIIA/B  Ballet

6:45-7:45    12-18 yr Contemp                          & Worship Dance

5:45-6:45    IV/V    Jazz/Tribal

6:45-8         IV/V    Ballet

8-8:30         IV/V    Pointe



4-4:45         3-4 year 

Pre-Ballet and Creative Movement


4:45-5:30    5-6 year

                      Pre-Ballet and Jazz

5:30-6         8-11 year

                      Hip Hop

6-6:30         8-11 year                                         Worship Dance

6:30-7.         8-11 year                 




4-4:30        2-4 year

                   Mommy and Me dance

4:30-5:15    3-4 year 

Pre-Ballet and Creative Movement

5:15-6          5-6 year

                     Pre-Ballet and Jazz

6-6:45         7-8 year                                         Ballet

6:45-7:45    7-8 year  

                  Jazz and Contemp

7:45-8:15    7-8 year                                         Tap

5-5:45pm   10-16 yr

                    Strong Bodies

5:45-6:45  10-13yr Acro

4-5pm        IV/V Acro

5-6:15         IV/V Ballet

6:15-7:15     IV/V Contemporary

Summer Camps

Need a quiet moment to yourself this summer?

We've got you covered!

Celebration Dance offers week long summer camps in June and August.

We'd love to dance with your twilring ballerina this summer!

Ages 4-6

Princess  Party

Pre-Ballet / Jazz / Crafting Time



June 17-21  &  Aug 5-9

Ages 7-9

Barbie Dance Party

Ballet / Musical Theater / Contemporary



June 17-21  &  Aug 5-9

Ages 10-14

Taylor Swift Dance Party

Ballet Variations / Jazz Combos / Contemporary



June 17-21   &   Aug 5-9

Go ahead - grab yourself a coffee while we dance!


Summer Session starts June 10th



We love Jesus! We love to see our dancers connect their God-given talents with worshipful expression back to Him, our creator and the One who gives us our artistic gifts and talents


We are non-competitive - this means that all dancers receive the same creative attention in class and in choreography. We offer both a ballet company and contemporary companies for the more serious dancer and for those who are interested in dance as a career.

Studio Culture

We strive for a loving and joy filled culture that makes you feel at home from the moment to step inside our doors.

What sets us apart?

Family friendly

Our music, costumes and dance moves are relevant and innovative but still family friendly.

We nurture leadership & mentorship.


We put emphasis on strong and careful technique and our teachers are able to guide our students towards strength and excellence in technique. We also offer advanced/pre-professional level classes.


Our recitals are a beautiful experience from start to finish and we keep them under 2 hours long. Every moment is carefully and artfully created for our dancers and audience.

What We Offer


Classes are offered to students at every age, starting at age 2.


2-6 Year Olds

We offer pre-ballet, creative movement and jazz for our tiny dancers. Pre-ballet class readies them for formal ballet training, helping them understand their bodies and also introducing ballet vocabulary and music awareness. Dancers learn ballet basics in a fun, structured way and are introduced to creative movement, a joyful way to explore movement and stimulate their imaginations. Jazz dance allows our tiny dancers to explore sound, rhythm and musicality and will introduce classical jazz movement. These preparatory classes will allow young students to develop confidence, enthusiasm and poise.


7 years and Up

Ages 7 and up are offered formal ballet training (the backbone for all dance) and pointe work. Our jazz classes study many styles of jazz including classical, lyrical, hip hop, African and musical theater or broadway. And our contemporary/modern classes teach our dancers how to express through movement that incorporates their ballet and jazz training, with an emphasis on training in improvisational dance, a beautiful way to connect the mind and body in dance.


Celebration Dance is proud to offer a dance program that believes in the power of mentorship! Our team strives to be a positive influence, empowering and inspiring dancers to reach their full potential.

Our Ballet Program

Our ballet dancers are offered level I-V in classical ballet technique. Each level will be broken down into 2 additional levels, an A and B.

                                     Level IA + IB (7 yr + 8yr)

                                     Level IIA + IIB (9 + 10yr)

                                     Level IIIA + IIIB (11-13)

           Level IVA + IVB (13-up, teacher approval and placement)

               Level V (13-up, teacher approval and placement)

All dancers in level IV or V must take a ballet class.


Class selection is determined by dancer's age before Oct 1st.



45 MIN GROUP CLASS - $47.50/MO

60 MIN GROUP CLASS - $57.50/MO



Multiple class discount

If your dancer is enrolled in 2 or more classes, you will receive a 10% per class discount off of the 2nd and 3rd (and on) classes.

$25 new student enrollment fee

$15 returning student enrollment fee

$25 returning family (more than one student)

(enrollment fees are non-refundable)

No refunds or adjustments given for missed lessons, quitting during mid session, or for lessons missed due to weather. No refunds given for costumes or recital tickets. 


Winter 2024 Class Schedule



Ages 2-4

Pre-Ballet and Creative Movement + Mommy and Me

Monday      4-4:45          Pre-Ballet + Creative Movement  (3-4 yr)

Monday      5-5:30       Mommy and Me

(2-4 yr)

Thursday    4-4:45          Pre-Ballet + Creative Movement  (3-4 yr)

Thursday    4-4:45         Pre-Ballet + Creative Movement  (3-4 yr)


Ages 5-6

Pre-Ballet and Creative Movement, Tiny Jazz

Monday       4:45-5:30   Pre-Ballet + Creative Movement

Tuesday        5-5:45pm    Pre-Ballet + Creative Movement

Wednesday  4-4:45         Pre-Ballet + Creative Movement

Wednesday  4:45-5:30   Jazz     

Thursday      4-5        Pre-Ballet + Jazz


Age 7
Level 1B

Ballet I, Jazz + Contemporary

Monday       4-4:45              Ballet

Monday       4:45-5:30        Jazz

Thursday     5-5:45              Jazz

Thursday     5:45-6:30        Ballet

Thursday     6:30-7:15    Contemporary


Friday          4-5               Contemporary


Age 8
Level I A

Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary

+ Worship Dance

Monday       5:30-6:15           Jazz

Monday       6:15-7                 Ballet

Thursday     5-5:45                Ballet

Thursday     5:45-6:30          Jazz 

Thursday     6:30-7:15     Contemporary

Thursday     7:15-7:45            Worship Dance

Friday           4-5               Contemporary





Ages 11
Level III B

Ballet III, Jazz, Musical Theater, Contemporary,            + Technique

Tuesday         5:45-6:30    Contemp

Tuesday         6:30-7:15      Ballet

Tuesday         7:15-8            Jazz


Wednesday    4:45-5:30    Musical         Theater

Wednesday    5:30-6:15     Hip Hop

Thursday       7:15-7:45   Worship Dance


Friday             4-5                Ballet Tech

Friday            5-5:30      Worship Dance

Saturday        9-12:30         Belonging Youth Ballet



Age 9
Level II B

Ballet, Jazz, + Contemporary

Technique + Worship Dance

Monday        4-4:45             Jazz

Monday        4:45- 5:30      Ballet

Tuesday        4:15-5              Ballet

Tuesday        5-5:45             Jazz

Wednesday   5:30-6:15       Hip Hop

Thursday      6:30-7:15    Contemporary

Friday            4-5              Contemporary

Friday            4-5                 Ballet Tech


Saturday        9-12:30        Belonging Youth Ballet 



Ages 12-13
Level III A

Ballet III, Jazz, Musical Theater, Contemporary, Technique + Pre-Pointe

Tuesday        4:15-5            Jazz

Tuesday         5-5:45           Ballet

Tuesday         5:45-6:15      Preparation for Pointe

Wednesday   4:45-5:30      Musical Theater

Wednesday   5:30-6:15    Contemp

Thursday       6:30-7:15      Hip Hop

Thursday       7:15-7:45   Worship Dance

Thursday       7:45-8:30     Contemp for teens 13 - up (recreational, no ballet req)

Friday             5-6:15          Ballet Tech IIIA/IV/V

Saturday        9-12:30       Belonging Youth Ballet (time TBD)


Ages 10
Level II A

Ballet II, Jazz, Contemporary, Technique, Musical Theater, + Worship Dance

Monday       5:30-6:15           Ballet

Monday       6:15-7                 Jazz


Tuesday       4-5                      Ballet

Tuesday       5-5:45                Jazz

Wednesday  4-4:45       Contemporary

Wednesday  4:45-5:30 Musical Theater

Wednesday  5:30-6:15       Hip Hop

Thursday      7:15-7:45    Worship Dance

Friday            4-5              Ballet Tech

Friday           5-5:30        Worship Dance

Saturday        9-12:30     Belonging Youth Ballet\


Level IV B

Ballet IV, Jazz, Contemporary, Musical Theater, Technique + Pointe

Monday      6:30-7:45        Ballet Tech

Monday       7:45-8:30pm   Pointe V (IV dancers invited to do this class in soft shoe this session)

Tuesday       5:45-6:45       Jazz

Tuesday       6:45-7:45       Ballet

Tuesday       7:45-8:30       Beginning Pointe

Wednesday   4-4:45      Musical Theater

Wednesday   4:45-5:30    Contemp

Wednesday   5:30-6:30    Ballet Tech IV/V

Thursday      6:30-7:15      Hip Hop

Thursday      7:15-7:45    Worship Dance

Thursday      7:45-8:30     Contemp for teens (recreational, no ballet req)


Friday            5-6:15           Ballet Tech IIIA/IV/V

Saturday        9-12:30        Belonging Youth Ballet (time TBD)


Level IV A + V

Ballet V, Jazz,Contemporary, Modern, Technique + Pointe

Monday        6:30-7:45pm   Ballet Tech IV/V

Monday        7:45-8:30pm   Pointe V

Tuesday         5:45-6:45       Ballet

Tuesday         6:45-7:45       Jazz

Tuesday         7:45-8:15 Worship Dance

Wednesday  5:30-6:30pm Ballet Tech IV/V

Thursday      4:45-5:45        Ballet V

Thursday      5:45-6:45       Jazz V

Thursday      6:45-7:45  Contemp IV/V

Friday            5-6:15             Ballet Tech

Friday            6:15-7             Pointe

Saturday        9-12:30         Belonging Youth Ballet




By Invitation Only

Audition set for first day of class in September


Rise           -  ages 7-8

Thursday       6:30-7:15

Bloom       -  ages 9-10

Tuesday        5:45-6:30

Flourish    -  ages 11-12

Monday         7-7:45

Shine        -  ages 12-14

Monday        7:45-8:30

Thrive       -  ages 13-18

Thursday       7:45-8:30


Senior Company  

Monday         5:30-6:30


Belonging Youth Ballet

Ages 9 and up

Audition - November 11th



9am - 12:30pm

Show dates - April 12+13

Dancers ages 9 and up are all welcome to audition!

Belonging Youth Ballet is Celebration Dance's youth ballet company, offering an intensive experience for ballet dancers who would like to be a part of a ballet production.

BYB productions will be beautiful story ballets with original choreography and magical costumes.

Rehearsal times will be set for each dance after auditions on Nov 11th and rehearsals will take place each Saturday at the determined time. Dancers are only allowed to miss 2 rehearsal dates and must attend dress rehearsals.

Meet The Team


Kirsty Gungor 

Kirsty is the director

of Celebration Dance and teaches ballet, pointe, jazz, 

contemporary, & modern to ages 3 and up. She also mentors the Sr. 



A Bit About Kirsty

Kirsty was given the opportunity to teach ballet at age 16 and immediately knew that this was her calling. She trained with Ballet Magnificat, Tremaine Dance, and Gus Giordano dance school for several summers. Kirsty joined Impact Production's touring company in 1996 and in her second year with the production, was invited to teach company modern classes and to assist the show's creative director in leading show rehearsals. Fun fact: Kirsty met her husband on the road, when he attended one of the company ballet classes! After marrying and moving to Wisconsin (and some time in Michigan), she taught and choreographed for 4 large studios across those states and also choreographed for local pre-professional youth companies. Kirsty started Celebration Dance (with just two little classes in the church basketball court) about 15 years ago and has loved and cherished the experience of watching it flourish and grow.


Jamie Gissendaner

Jamie teaches Storybook Ballet and jazz, hip hop and modern for all ages.

She also mentors the Jr. Company.





A Bit About Jamie

Jamie trained at the Baltimore School for the Arts, Sudbrook Arts, Carol Maxwell Ballet Studios, Morton Street Dance, Academy of International Ballet, as well as Alvin Ailey summer intensive programs. She has taken numerous classes at Broadway Dance Center in New York City and she also had the incredible opportunity to dance under the direction of Debbie Allen performing at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. Jamie danced with the Philadelphia 76ers Dance Team as a professional dancer in 2000. By day, Jamie is a Registered Nurse with a background in Trauma and Emergency Care. We are so grateful to have Jamie's wealth of knowledge and experience at Celebration Dance and we love the joy and enthusiasm she brings to her classes.



Diane Danhieux

Diane teaches level IV and V ballet

and pointe classes.  






A Bit About Diane


Diane is a Green Bay native who began her love for ballet with classes in Appleton with the Makaroffs. After graduation, she was lucky enough to move to the East Coast, first to Boston and then NYC, where she studied with many inspiring teachers and performed with several East Coast companies. Surprisingly, it was not until Diane moved back to the Midwest to direct the Talented and Gifted Young Dancers program at the University of Iowa (in addition to being the director of Terpsichore School of Dance), that she realized her true passion for the art was in teaching. She quickly discovered that she was not only teaching her young dancers about ballet/movement but also about life. In Diane's 25 plus years of teaching, she has developed her teaching method to not only include those dancers who aspire to become professional dancers, but also to instill in her students the attributes that will serve them through-out their lives. Diane is excited to be a part of the faculty at Celebration Dance and appreciates the chance to be involved with the education of our young dancer's lives.

0001erinjeanphotography 2.jpg

Billy Jo Collette

Billy teaches our tiny dancers, as well as our jazz and contemporary students, ages 2-14.


A Bit About Billy

Billy trained at Barbs Center for Dance starting at the age of 3 and continued through her senior year of high school. Throughout her training there she studied the techniques of many styles of dance (jazz, tap, contemporary, and lyrical) competitively and trained in their intensive program levels in ballet and pointe. Her passion for the art lead her to pursue a minor in Dance at the University of Wisconsin Green Bay where she is a part of their annual Danceworks performances. Billy has taught all ages of students at NEW Fusion Dance and Performing Arts and loves helping her students set goals, gain understanding of new techniques, and strive to become the best dancers they can be. When dancing as a teen she learned how important fueling your body with the right foods and staying active was and she found her passion for nutriton and fitness. This lead her to her major in Human Biology with a double emphasis in Dietetics and Exercise Science. She is now a Dietician and Personal Trainer in addition to her career as a dance instructor.


Paulina Chivara

Paulina teaches ballet for ages 8

and up.


A Bit About Paulina

Paulina's introduction to dance was at a very early age in her hometown in the North of Mexico, where she attended ballet classes at an official associated school of the Royal Academy of Dance. She participated in several summer intensives under the guidance of Debra Wayne, Alejandra Elizondo, Nelly Brabata, and Eduardo Vega, among others. She attended college at Universidad de Monterrey in Monterrey, Mexico. During this time, she joined the "Tiempos de Danza" company under the direction of Mayra Ortega. She was accepted to Escuela Superior de Musica y Danza de Monterrey's Dance Teaching Methodology Program. She is a certified ballet teacher by the Consejo Academico de Arte y Danza Internacional A.C. Years later, she returned to her home state where she started her own Dance School, "Arte en Movimiento". She was artistic director, manager, and dance instructor before moving to Madison, WI where she joined Kanopy Dance Company and taught at the Madison Ballet School.

Paulina currently works at The Weidner as Community Engagement and Outreach Coordinator.

0002erinjeanphotography 3.jpg

Anna Charnetski

Anna teaches our tiny dancers, ballet, jazz and musical theater. She is also a member of Celebration  Dance's Sr. Company.

A Bit About Anna


Anna has studied dance for the past 14 years with Celebration Dance and is entering her eighth year as a member of the Senior Company. In addition to studying at Celebration Dance, she has furthered her education by taking summer intensives with Green Bay School of Dance and Ballet Magnificat. She has also performed in Northeastern Wisconsin Dance Organization’s Nutcracker Ballet. At age 11, Anna began assisting in classes with Ms. Kirsty and as a teen began her teaching training in a variety of classes ranging from ages 3-14. Anna is a hard working and committed young lady and dancer.  She loves Jesus and does a beautiful job as a natural leader, shining her light and influencing younger dancers in a beautiful and positive way.


Adorlee Gustafson

Adorlee teaches our tiny dancers, ballet, and contemporary. She is also a member of Celebration  Dance's Sr. Company.

A Bit About Adorlee


Adorlee has studied as a student with Celebration Dance for 12 years and is entering her sixth year as a member of the Senior Company. In addition to studying at Celebration Dance, she has furthered her education by taking many summer intensives with Green Bay School of Dance, Ballet Magnificat, and Dance Revolution. She has performed in NEWDO’s Nutcracker Ballet for 7 seasons, performing as Clara, Snow and Flowers. Adorlee began assisting Ms. Kirsty at age 11 and has trained to be a teacher for 2 years. She is a remarkably driven and devoted student of dance and demonstrates incredible commitment and passion. We are so happy to welcome Adorlee to our team!



Celebration Dance offers both a Christmas recital and a Spring recital for our dancers


Friday, Dec 8th at 6pm

Saturday, Dec 9th at 11am & 3pm 

Sunday, Dec 10th at 5pm


Friday, May 10th at 6pm

Saturday, May 11th at 11am & 3pm 

Sunday, May 12th at 5pm




Please fill out this form if you have any additional questions for us! We're happy to help.


You can enroll by clicking on any of our "enroll now" buttons. 

3475 Humboldt Road Green Bay WI 54311


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"Miss Kirsty has been such a blessing to our daughter and family. She has such a gift not only with her own dancing ability but with our little girls. She reaches each and every one of our children, laying a strong foundation for dancing with love, poise, grace and discipline."

Celebration Dance mom