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Who Are We?

Parent Manual 2023-2024

Who Are We?

Celebration Dance is a faith based, non-competitive dance studio in the Green Bay area. Our classes provide the highest quality of dance training placing emphasis on strong and careful technique in a caring, supportive, and God-centered environment. We strive for a loving and joy-filled culture that makes you feel welcome from the moment you walk through our doors. We are a safe space and offer family friendly music and costumes, while still being innovative and relevant. Our recitals and storybook productions are a beautiful experience (and we keep them under 2 hours. Bonus!).

Classes Offered/ What To Expect In Class

Celebration Dance offers Ballet, Pointe, Jazz, Contemporary, Modern, Hip Hop, and Children’s Dance classes.

Our classes are highly structured and centered around a syllabus with instruction in correct technique for each movement. This allows dancers to gain the strength in muscles needed for each movement and style, to understand the dance terminology, and to learn the movement in ways that can be built upon throughout their training years.

We hope to train strong dancers who love what they do. To discover their passion and experience the joy that can be found in commitment and hard work. We strive to live by example and inspire students to kindness and respect. We love to take the time to provide mentorship opportunities as well.


Tuition and Payment Info

Tuition and Payment Info

Please check out tuition pricing on our website under "Fees"


Tuition is set based on a 30 week program. Classes begin in September and continue through May, with 2 recitals (winter and spring). Tuition is calculated for the year and divided into 9 equal payments (Sep - May).

Payment is due by the 1st of every month and is the same regardless of how many classes there are in that month.

Upon registration, we ask that you would set up auto payments each month using the preferred credit card method on your online account. To do this, enter your credit card information and click on “recurring billing”. If you wish to pay using an alternate method, please contact Lindsey at There are no refunds for missing classes or dropping out of class after.


Recurring Billing Charges

Credit cards set up to do recurring billing will be charged the first week of each month (between the 1st and 7th).


Late Fees

A late fee of $15 will be charged to the account if fees are not paid by the 15th of the month.


Miscellaneous Charges

If an additional class purchase is made (example: a prop, fairy wings or gloves), we will charge the entire class for that item. It will be listed in your account and will be visible on your statement. You are also able to have us charge your account for dance merchandise.  



An account statement will be sent out to each account around the 15th of the month, so that you know what charges are open on your account.



Checks can be written out to "Celebration Dance" and placed in the payment box which is just inside the dance office across from studio A.


Registration Fee

$25 new dancer registration fee, one time per year
$15 returning dancer registration fee, one time per year
$25 family (2 or more dancers) registration fee, one time per year



Multiple class discount
10% off if you take 2 or more classes. The first class is full price, while the 2nd (and on) classes will receive a 10% discount per class.


Classroom Attire

Ballet and Pre-Ballet
Leotard, skirt, pink ballet tights, pink leather or canvas ballet shoes.
Hair in a bun for ages 7 and up
Hair in a tight ponytail or bun for ages 3-6
No t-shirts or sweatshirts allowed

Leotard, black shorts over tights (pink or tan) or black leggings, tan slip on jazz shoes.
Hair in a bun for ages 7 and up
No t-shirts or sweatshirts allowed
Jazz dancers will perform in tan tights (unless otherwise noted)

Leotard and black shorts over footless tights (pink or tan)
Hair in a bun for ages 7 and up
No t-shirts or sweatshirts allowed
Contemporary dancers will perform in tan footless tights (unless otherwise noted)


All About Recitals!

Winter recital


Dec 8th at 6pm

Dec 9th at 11am & 3pm

Dec 10th at 5pm


Spring recital


May 10th at 6pm

May 11th at 11am & 3pm

May 12th at 5pm


Dancers ages 3-6 will perform in 1 recital - Saturday 11am

Dancers ages 7- up will perform in 2 recitals - schedule TBD

Dancers in level 4, 5, and company will perform in 3 recitals - schedule TBD



Please Note ...

Parents will be informed approximately 4-6 weeks before the show which shows their dancers will perform in.


Tickets will be sold online through EventBrite. Tickets are reserved seating and families can pick and reserve their seats through EventBrite.


Recital week is busy and so much fun! But BUSY! It will involve two additional dress rehearsal days during which we will run each show entirely with its whole cast. We ask that our students not miss their dress rehearsal as it will affect the entire class.


Dancers participation in dress rehearsal is mandatory.

Dress Rehearsals

Winter Recital

December 5th (Tuesday) about 5-6:30pm - ages 3-6

December 5th (Tuesday) about 6:30-8:30pm - everyone in the Saturday afternoon show

December 7th (Thursday) about 5-8pm - everyone in the Friday show

( Ages 7 and up may have to participate in both (2) dress rehearsals. )


Spring Recital

May 8th (Wednesday) about 5-6:30pm - ages 3-6

May 8th (Wednesday) about 6:30-8:30pm - everyone in the Saturday afternoon show

May 9th (Thursday) about 5-8pm - everyone in the Friday show

( Ages 7 and up may have to participate in both (2) dress rehearsals. )

Please Note ...

Parents will be informed approximately 4-6 weeks before the show which shows their dancers will perform in.


Dancers participation in dress rehearsal is mandatory.

Costume Info and Fees

Celebration Dance offers both a winter and a spring recital.


We purchase costumes in early September for the winter recital and in November for the spring recital.

Please Note ...


Ages 3-6  -  $50 per costume

Ages 7-9  -  $55 per costume

Ages 10 and up  -  $60 per costume

Costume fees will be posted to your account in September (winter recital) and November (spring recital) and must be paid within the week. Costumes will be purchased that same month in order to get them in time.

We ask that you take your dancer’s measurements and add them to your account, under your NOTES before classes begin in September. We’re sorry, but we are unable to exchange or return costume.

We will need the waist, hip and girth measurement to get a correct costume fit. The girth measurement is taken from the top of the shoulder, down the front and around the crotch, coming up the back to meet at that same shoulder. It is a circular measurement.

We will reach out in October to confirm your sizing preference for your spring costume. Any parent who wishes to adjust a spring costume size will need to make a note of it in their online account for our costume mistress. You can ask for one size up from your previous costume size. Please let us know before we purchase spring costumes in November.

Where to Enter for Dance

Families may enter Celebration Church through the “King’s Kids” entrance, to the right of the main lobby doors. We will have a Celebration Dance sign placed outside of those doors. Doors will be unlocked 15 minutes before the first class of the day. If arriving earlier, please use the “Front Office” entrance. Teachers will only be there 15 minutes before the first class of the day.

Our studios will be marked with signs, but studio C is at the back of our dance lobby, while studio A goes left (down second hallway) and studio B goes right (down second hallway).

We have a waiting area with seating in the main church lobby, as well as in the smaller dance lobby between the 3 studios with bench seating. We also have the Blue Room available with desks and chairs and that room is in the studio A hallway and has a sign above that says “Blue Room”.

Celebration Church is a multi use facility and because of this, we ask that families, dancers, and siblings keep within the dance hallways and spaces. Please make sure that children do not wander the church hallways or go behind the church counters. Here is a map with the studio common areas.

We are working to make some changes to our map below, as the entrance has now changed (between studio A and B) and is to the right of what is labeled “Main Entrance”.


Let's Keep In Touch!

Let’s Keep In Touch!

Please reach out with any questions. We’re happy to help!

Abby  -  Studio Administrator & Costume/Production Coordinator

Lindsey - Business Manager

Kirsty - Creative Director

Contact Info

Calendar 2023-2024


September 5th : Classes Begin!

October 23 - 27 : Dress up week (dancers can wear any dress up costumes to class) + Parent Peek Week

November 1st : Winter recital tickets go on sale

November 11th : Auditions for Belonging Youth Ballet

November 20 - 24 : Thanksgiving break

December 5 & 7 : Dress rehearsals for winter shows

December 8 - 10 : Winter recitals

December 11 - January 1 : Winter Break

January 2 : Winter/Spring session begins


January 26 - 28 : Dance Revolution in Chicago

March 25 - 29 : Spring Break

April 2 : Spring recital tickets go on sale

April 6 : Dress rehearsal for Alice In Wonderland

April 12 + 13 : Belonging Youth Ballet performance of Alice In Wonderland

May 8 & 9 : Dress rehearsals for spring shows

May 10 - 12 : Spring Recitals


May 13 : Summer Break begins

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